1. What time is it: 1:37pm

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Katherine Elizabeth Johnston

3. Nicknames: Katawin, Kat, K-Power

4. Parents names: Sam and Mary Ellen

5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?: 29

6. Date that you regularly blow them out?: January 18th

7. Pets: none.. but I really want a dog

8. Height: 5' 1 1/4"

9. Eye color: blue

10. Hair Color: brown

11. Piercing: 4 holes in my ears - which I haven't used in years. Do I get extra points for rhyming?

12. Tattoos? no.... not yet!?!?

13. How much do you love your job: a lot

14. Hometown: Danville, CA

15. Current Residence: San Francisco, CA

16. Have you been in love? Yes

17. Currently involved? No

18. Favorite thing about e-mail: communicating

19. Been toilet papered? not for a very very very long time

20. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Strange question. Yes.

21. Been in a car crash? only small fender benders

22. Croutons or Bacon Bits? croutons

23. 2 doors or 4 (on a car)? I've had both. 2 right now, though.

24. Coffee or Ice Cream? all of the above, and tiff's answer... coffee ice cream

25. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: blanket(s)

26. Best Color: black

27. Salad Dressing: balsalmic

28. Socks color: which ever two i pick - it's not color with me - I go by shape and size

29. Book you're reading or hope to read: Another Roadside Attraction

30. Favorite Movie: Harold & Maude

31. Foods: Green foods are my favorite. If it's green I probably love it. Avocado, pistacio nuts, pesto pasta, mint chip ice cream, broccoli, spinach..........

32. Song Playing at the moment: Dave Seaman's Renaissance Worldwide London- don't know the song titles 'cuz I downloaded it from napster.

33. Toothpaste: Tom's of Maine perpermint w/baking soda

34. Restaurant: beni hana(sp??)... i love the way those boyz cook... and the Saki!!!

35. Flower: Lillies... all types.

36. Least Favorite Food: vegemite

37. Sport to Watch: men's gymnastics, especially Blaine - oh boy... (drool) ...................... oops, where was I??

38. Fast Food Restaurant: when there's one for vegetarians - i'll go

39. When was your last hospital visit? 2 years ago my friend had his appendix out

40. Favorite drink? Red Wine

41. What color is your bedroom's carpet? hard wood - it's amazing how real it looks.

42. How many times did you fail your Permit and/or Drivers test? 0

43. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs? living with heidi in the bay area, drinking red wine and smoking cigarettes... she'll have a cat, i'll have a dog...

44. Who is the last person that you got mail from before this one? Glen :)

45. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? nope

46. Which single store would you choose to max your credit card? Target, ofcourse

47. What do you do most often when you are bored? call my friends

48. What words or phrases do you over use? I totally say Totally, like totally all the time (i've also been saying 'fantastic' alot lately, but that's a good word to say/feel alot so who cares). or "I was soooooooo drunk" right Ali??

49. Friend who lives farthest away: Wendy & Mick in Manchester, Mike in Paris, Basti in Germany, Jamie & Barbara in London, Sally in Hawaii (i can't just choose 1)

50. Most annoying thing: being misunderstood

51. Best thing in the world: Friendship

52. Bedtime: midnight

53. Who will respond to this fastest? syndi & psyche

54. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? everyone else

55. What time is it now? 2:17p