1. What time is it: Nearly lunchtime 1150

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Far too embarrasing, and you know anyway!!

3. Nicknames: Susie Sunshine, Soozie

4. Parents names: Thomas Colin Manson and Anne Manson

5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?: 36

6. Date that you regularly blow them out?: January 20th

7. Pets: Absolutely not

8. Height: 5'41/2''

9. Eye color: Grey

10. Hair Color: Blonde

11. Piercing: Three - all in my ears

12. Tattoos? No

13. How much do you love your job: Love doesn't come into it at all

14. Hometown: Edinburgh, UK

15. Current Residence: The Port of Leith, Edinburgh

16. Have you been in love? Yes

17. Currently involved? Have you got a few hours?!

18. Favorite thing about e-mail: Reaching over far waters in a few minutes

19. Been toilet papered? What??

20. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? No

21. Been in a car crash? No

22. Croutons or Bacon Bits? Croutons

23. 2 doors or 4 (on a car)? Don't mind

24. Coffee or Ice Cream? Too extreme to choose

25. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: blanket

26. Best Color: Green

27. Salad Dressing: Caesar

28. Socks color: Black

29. Book you're reading or hope to read: John Irving's new one

30. Favorite Movie: Scarface (Al Pacino) / Wild at Heart

31. Foods: I'm off my food at the moment!

32. Song Playing at the moment: none

33. Toothpaste: Crest (in a silver tube)

34. Restaurant: The Atrium

35. Flower: Irises

36. Least Favorite Food: Meat and fruit mixed together (any)

37. Sport to Watch: Football, darts, athletics, ice skating

38. Fast Food Restaurant: Macdonalds

39. When was your last hospital visit? Went to visit my cousin in a Pyschiatric Unit

40. Favorite drink? Port

41. What color is your bedroom's carpet? Green

42. How many times did you fail your Permit and/or Drivers test? Twice

43. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs? Can't even think about next week

44. Who is the last person that you got mail from before this one? A work collegue

45. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No

46. Which single store would you choose to max your credit card? Jenners, Edinburgh

47. What do you do most often when you are bored? Pace up and down, sigh

48. What words or phrases do you over use? "I tell you"

49. Friend who lives farthest away: Esther in London

50. Most annoying thing: Bad, bad attitude

51. Best thing in the world: Understanding and tolerance

52. Bedtime: 11.0pm - 3.00am

53. Who will respond to this fastest? I don't know

54. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? n/a

55. What time is it now? 1209