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  the magicglasses tunnel

a holographically-diffracted welcome to you

welcome to magicglasses. did a kind stranger give you magicglasses in a club? perhaps a stranger gave you a pair of magic glasses at burning man? in that case, our pictures might be of interest to you... perhaps you just stumbled in here while wandering, in which case, welcome. sign the guestbook or drop the webmaster an email message and tell us about it?

magicglasses will not be at burning man

after 5 wonderful years on the playa, magicglasses has decided to call it a day. we all had a wonderful time in and around the tunnel. if you passed through the tunnel, or danced in the dome, thank you. if you didn't, you can still read the story or look at some pictures. our hope is that we left the playa a better place than when we found it.

we used to have a guestbook but it appears to be broken. oh well. if you have any comments, questions or anything at all, we'd love to hear from you.

magicglasses on larry harvey on magicglasses

we caught up with larry harvey at last year's burning man decompression party and got his opinion on magicglasses - you can see the video here. enjoy...

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