these are the entries from our old guestbook before it broke.

6/10/1999 Ali
  Welcome to the guestbook!

6/10/1999 Mark http://www.magic...erm... figure it out for yourself....
  Not enough pictures of people getting wankered while wearing flimsy, optically over-stimulating glasses! Sort it out! Add more immediately!
Internet? Move forward!

6/10/1999 Esther http://
  Mary had a little lamb
'twas impecably well bread it like to view to world around with magic glasses on its head

6/10/1999 Katherine http://
  Before discovering the magic glasses, I was a shy, lonely girl without any friends who never left the house but to buy litter & food for my cats. But once I discovered these incredible specs, I can't fit all the fun & friends in! I'm a true Cinderella. Thank you magic glasses for being my fairy godmother. You've changed my life!!

6/10/1999 Rajesh Bhatia http://
  Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks to Magic Glasses my life has become so much better. I look at things with a whole new prespective. Things are blurry and brighter.
Love you Magic Glasses!!!

6/11/1999 Jah Rastafari etc.
  Fee Fie Fo Fum
I wear magic glasses on my bum. Be I live or be I dead. I wear magic glasses on my head.

6/11/1999 The Road Warrior
  That Hailie Selassie bloke really knows what he's talking about. Magic glasses help me incredibly when I'm driving fast through the desert looking for hooligans to avenge my families death upon.

6/11/1999 Sammy http://
  Mommy! I want my Magic Glasses!

6/12/1999 Mark's People
  Mark says, "when surrounded by celebrity hangers on, autograph hunters and other assorted thrill seekers, often the only safe refuge for a man in the public eye such as myself is behind a good pair of magic glasses." No photographs please. Move aside, celebrity coming through... Sir, I'll have to have the film from your camera....

6/13/1999 Michelle http://
  aaah, now it all makes sense. That's where Mark
and Eshter have been hiding all these years - lost in prism vision - cosm

6/14/1999 Keef http://VVV.Vegiesunite.across.the.Veb
  Ode to Magic Glasses
Oh Magicglasses up on yonder hill, Come down here and fill me full of Zwacky Thrill either that or go get me some Captian Crunch... They seek them here they seek them here those damn elusive Magicglasses...

6/14/1999 heidi http://
  magic glasses are good for your bones, muscles, teeth and give your skin a bright glow. Wear a pair daily, be sure to follow with your favorite form of doof.

6/14/1999 Christie http://
  magic glasses + rave toys + ali's smiling face + mark's day-glo paint + esther's day-glo wigs + DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF = how i will remember sf, spring, 1999.

6/15/1999 doug
  i wonder how all-over green body paint and a striped wanker look in a holographically diffracted world

6/16/1999 Karen http://
I will never forget the time you let me try on your own special glasses- you changed my life!! Remember Bodega Bay!!

6/16/1999 Alma http://
  where are pictures of the talking muffin? he'd like to see colors too, or have you already forgotten????

6/16/1999 Space Cowgirl
  Magic can be found in many ways.
One day while on a plane to San Francisco, I had a small flash that my life would soon be oddly different, more complex but more open. Flash forward one beautiful man places one pair of glasses on my sweet & innocent face. . . I see "it" melt and morph before my eyes. not just my life, but that moment and many after. Flash to present. . . my hand placed on the interstice between where the pair of glasses sit to my left. and the time in my head when i get to place them on an unsuspecting lovely person in need of a little change. Keep on dancin'. . .and watching.

6/18/1999 Nick
  I let my potplant wear my magic glasses when I'm not using them. Sometimes, when it thinks I'm not there, it wiggles around and goes "Doof!"

6/21/1999 Noodle http://

6/23/1999 Keef&Ed&Jane http://
  We shall be there..the mystery Scottish Theme Camp to be announced at grand huge big plush Hotel/Bar tonight...hey cutie cutie sweetie sweetie..Straight to bed Kids

6/23/1999 beefcake
  i eat carrots.

6/23/1999 kole
  somewhere, there is a picture of me wearing magic glasses in "a thousand words" from like 3 or 4 years ago. i guess i just radiate coolness and they wanted to put a picture of me and my magic glasses in a magazine. mine are green though. but yeah, theyre amazing.

6/24/1999 Dolly & Duffy http://
  Eh? Dae ye need tae be one drugs tae onnerstan yoor webshite (Mr Bond).

6/29/1999 Joe
  Hey! Great site guys. We were at the wondrous Paul Oakenfeld night. Of course I had yet to discover the joy of "the happy teeth grinders" (that would come later) but I had my magic glasses! :) Cheers!

7/1/1999 Wishike Oodsee
  Before magic glasses, my friends were normal. I mean, we used to hang out and feed the cat like normal people. But now, its as if they're walking around blinded by some sort of light. I just don't understand. Am I missing something?

7/4/1999 the great divide team

7/4/1999 Debbie Petting Zoo
  Ohhhh! AAHHHHH! I want you to camp VERY near us!
Have you made any plans yet? We are Debbie Petting Zoo and The Pleasure Dome and The Rub Club are camping with us. We have lost The Bubble Lounge to Center Camp (yea for them!) Perhaps you could take their place if you've not yet made prior commitments???? PPuuuurrrlllease! meow meow

7/4/1999 Mr. Fix It http://Guess?
  Well the Magic glasses had such a spritual effect on me, my hair turned bright yellow and glowed throughout the entire of last night like a mystic halo. Then strangely all these wierd fluorescent shapes appeared on my body and a huge Noodle appeared in my hand and people were shaking my other hand and offering praise. Magic Glasses. Don't leave home without them.

7/6/1999 Alan - a humble London Lad http://
  Like the best bits from Close Encounters squeezed into that little space betwixt your ears that's probably gone all squishy thanks to the chemicals.

7/8/1999 Doof noodle
  "Solar doof dancing over forbidden stars" - nice!!! Are you sure Joe???-------Yes.

7/13/1999 Keef http://
  Anyone for a babycham?

7/13/1999 Button http://
  Twinkle twinkle little star,
Stumming gently my sitar, Magic Glasses on my coupon, Got a bib to spill my soup on. Tyger, tyger burning bright, Are you looking for a fight? Put Magic Glasses on and see the jungle lit by glee.

7/22/1999 It's Barbara
  Ellooooooooooooooo,it's Barbara here. And for the *last* time. I do *not* talk like that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to being in the desert wif you all, and we can all have a nice cup of tea.....

7/28/1999 braden http://
  what's uuuuppp?!!! duuuuuude!!! and all that jazz!! doof doof doof, doof doof doof, cut the music wit' so much classsssss(es)! found funky friction in da magic glasses! SLAM, DOOF, er 'em and more DOOF, oh yes, oh my, ahemmm...

8/1/1999 ComingOverSoon
  my magicglasses reveal my soul

8/17/1999 Brett Barber (TIGGER) http://
  psyche you are 1 incredable human being who has opened my eyes to people and made me see my friends for what they really are. There my family. So I'm glad your one of my friends.

8/30/1999 michelle sieling http://
  Magic glasses--I still think superheros are better, but oh well--see you all at your fabulous camp (do you even remember who the hell I am?)

9/4/1999 gadjie http://
  jackie smells of wee and has shit drugs,cheers for
the nipple! j and jo

9/8/1999 jeff http://
I came back but the dj said i missed you by 15 minutes :=(. Get in touch with me. Jeff

9/17/1999 Harlan Leath http://
  No Kitty No! Goddamit!

9/18/1999 Silke http://
  Hello to everybody from Germany!
I had a great time partying with you guys and the Magic Glasses this summer in SF and at Burning Man! I hope to see you all again one nice day... ..bye-bye...

10/1/1999 neil (the ronaz brether one) http://
  i don't get it but i rilly wish i had.

12/8/1999 Beeshus.....dafUNK-E-jUNK-E http://

1/3/2000 Ruben Reveles http://
  We need to be cured.We need to find out about getting your glasses..

1/8/2000 Matthew Brooke http://
where have you been I L O V E Y O U ( the shower?) Matthew brooke

1/17/2000 StillComingOverSoon http://
  another weekend, another OH MY GOD ITS TRUE WHAT THEY SAY.....
Hi Syn :-)

1/25/2000 Alex Rodriguez http://
  Mark, Esther it's Alex and Crystal from 1015. Well actually only me right now, I just got back from England, and Crystal is still traveling around Scotland, and Ireland. Give me a call.

1/31/2000 Megan
  I could have used some magic glasses yesterday while licking chocolate chip cookie batter stoned in my kitchen while talking with Mark on the subject of the "plain obvious" and the "super obvious" which is the "plain obvious"? I had my Jesus nightlight plugged in during the day and just think how cool Jesus would look through magicglasses?!?! Yeah Jesus and cookie dough!

2/1/2000 cathy http://
  We want to have fun

2/5/2000 aprilfool http://
  the mountain struggled for ages and finally gave birth to a mouse...

3/1/2000 basti
  hey guys,
i'm still missing news about "Magicglasses2000" and some links! Take care, Basti

4/18/2000 Wes
  We're like cookies really, big phat cookies with all kinds of lard laced with sweet sweet sugar, chock full o' nuts, and chunks heaving up from our underbellies.........

6/2/2000 Heathen http://
  The magic glasses that live in my bag came from Burning Man. They have doofified many streets in Vegas, , Chicago, LA, Baltimore, New Orleans,San Rafael & SF of course...the little lights that come with me everywhere help, too.Is that yuuu??

6/7/2000 The Ancient One

6/9/2000 jackie day http://
  hey ali et all..have not had email for a long time as no access to computer..don't know if you have posted anything to me but I've been cut off!!Anyway it's 1.30am and the team here is munted..looking thru magic glasses site and feeling very nostalgic and up..the sites great for bringing you up!!!! Ali' don't know if you bought that champagne but hope you did. Mark&Esther are her but haven't seen them yet which will be really nice. Connor and Roy are doing great, and Burning Monkey is booming. Was lovely to see the photos again.. my hotmail is back up again, so send us all your dodgy to watch Human Traffic in the Jackie

6/15/2000 basti
  hey, check out our site to get the party info!
c u soon, take care, Basti

6/20/2000 rainbow mike
  I will bring lots of glasses at least whatever I dont sell on the weekend of the 4th. I can get them very cheap as I licence the manufacturer on one of my rainbow devices...

7/5/2000 Katherine http://
  Ali & Everyone, just had to share that I was watching SF's Channel 2 news's recap of the 4th of July fireworks in San Jose last night, and at the end of the guy's report, he put on the magic glasses, which apparently had been passed out in bulk to the huge crowd, and confirmed our theory that the world (or fireworks for that matter) are better through the magic glasses. Now, that's amazing. Magic Glasses make the evening news......

7/11/2000 Frozen_hot
  I was handed madjik glasses by a stranger -- glasses of a different kind. plugged in! dark shades over the eyes, and inside were two L.E.D's
the LEDs blink and the speed of blink was controled by a knob in the hand. the eyes are closed and the brain makes much of the blining light on the closed eyelids. rainy-day-fun projeckt.

8/11/2000 John Blackburn
  I cannot thank the person who gave me a pair of your miracle glasses enough for opening my eyes to the world around me. I never knew of such beauty, such depth, such color--and all without LSD! I can't tell you in words what the 4th of July fireworks in San Francisco were like--incredible!!! What a trip!!! Where can I purchase some pairs of your glasses to pass on the brilliance of your vision to other current non-seeers? Please let me know. Thank you so very much...(John Blackburn, 281 Bradford Street, San Francisco, CA 94110; 415-821-7534)

8/12/2000 Kristin Joachim http://
  I LOVE the magic glasses. I'm so glad you're back
this year at Burning Man. Someone in my camp loaned me his. Ever since then I've been searching for them. I found some at a toy store in Berkeley called Mr Mopps. But I haven't seen them since last november. I was handing them out to everyone at work. God knows the post office really needs them, maybe with magic glasses they won't be so disgruntled. That's my mission in life. Thanks again, I LOVE MGIC GLASSES.I would love to get more let me know how. thank you, thank you,

8/18/2000 Shri Pete Apicella http://
  the glasses that i picked up last year at burningman 99 are totally shot after a years worth of use and such. they're definitely fun and a great way to stoke other people out even more so...
cant make it to b-man this year, but you could do me a big groovy favor and send me a few (like 10? that tooo much? too little?). do they cost alot to make? do you make them? if not can you give me a contact? i can reimburse you. here's my real address if you want to go ahead with it: pete apicella 587 manor lane pelham, ny 10803 fell free to email back if there's any complications

8/23/2000 Jamie
Can't be there with you all this year, which is sad. However myself and Barb are with you all in spirit and of course in the form of a huge pair of flashing spectacles. For those of you tht don't know, Magicglasses Camp will be on the inner ring at Burning Man this year, extremely close to the center camp, or so I'm told. Look for the big glasses, find someone who professes to be an Eye Doctor go there and give them a big hug from Jamie and Barbara. Then when you get back leave a message here, tell us who you are and who you hugged... See if you can get a photo of the hug and post it to the webmaster here! Love to all the crew and those of you with diffracted vision. J.

9/1/2000 Smokin'jacket http://
  Any latecomers to burningman should head to 7.15 Head for the latest Magic Glasses experience. Get your eyes tested free of charge, we have your prescription.

9/5/2000 Double J
  I just want to thank the person who gave me my glasses at The Foreplay Lounge at Burning Man! You made my evening an awesome experience.

9/5/2000 Bruce Davis(Space Alien visiting Bman) http://
  There I was last Saturday night on the Playa
marveling at the man on fire. A Woman then approached me with your glasses. Thanks, yet another present I was impressed with the results. Telling folks on your planet that I was a bman virgin resulted in a continual shower of gifts. It was well worth pulling off my helmut to try on your product. Great marketing, I never had a interest, for paper glasses until I was aproached during the best moment of my life. Colors were spectacular through the special lenses. Rock On now I have decided to shed the Alien bullshit and dress up as a SF Area Soft Ware geek, officially today. I did enjoy driving down 101 today with my new glasses. Every time I ran over a SUV with my spaceship I imagined running over 6-8 instead of 1. Thanks for the warped illusion its great being part of your race now. See ya next year on the playa maybe i'll play myself again by sporting my Space Alien uniform. Oh got to go there is a line of men in white suits, in prism in my cube insistng I hand over my glasses. Yea more presents coming my way including a awesome cushioned jacket with straps and special feeding needle being inserted in my veins. Your Glasses have truly changed my life...

9/5/2000 Rashers http://
  Got a great pair of magic glasses at IllumniNaughty in Black Rock City, Nevada last Saturday night Sept.2, 2000. Fell outta the dance cage and onto the desert floor! Thanks.

9/12/2000 basti
  hey guys,
so, are we gonna have to bring our own soundsystem again next year to have proper sound at the tunnel...? ... bigger, louder, longer next time! basti

9/12/2000 David - EDGUK8R http://
  Thanks so much for the pair you guys gave me for Paul Oakenfold at the Illuminaughty(Burningman 2000). You helped make my year!
"Black Rock City, NV - The Best Community on the Planet!"

9/12/2000 Jeff Richmond http://
  Greetings Fellow Black Rock Citizens,
I just wanted to say thanks to the kind folks who bestowed upon me the wonderful gift of fractalicious light. I was spinning at Illuminaughty from 2:30 to 4:00 the night of the burn when I was given the glasses. I didn't notice the note scribbled on the side until I got back to SF. My spirit was enthralled with the kind words showered upon me. Thank You. It is for moments like that that I DJ. To imagine that I can connect with people, share a groove, and ride that energy together, all thru music, is just mind blowing. I am inspired, you have energized me. Much Love Jeff ps- We from Illuminaughty have our hands in a few different upcoming events. If you would like to be informed e-mail me personally. Our parties are never advertised.

9/21/2000 Ranger Lizard
  So simple, so fun! One more fine addition to the
Black Rock City community

9/27/2000 Jean Harris http://
  Met my glasses at Burning Man'99 and lost them in a lonely storage box. I need more!!

10/3/2000 Gino
  All I have to say is.. this was the ABSOLUTELY COOLEST art installation for me... I went back soooo many times.
Hey Magic Glasses People thanks!!! p.s. for my birthday (9/15) my friend gave me his pair of magic glasses (because I lost mine :) ciao a tutti

10/28/2000 Fluffy http://
I want magicglasses... could you teach me to make them?

11/21/2000 patrick murphy http://
  how can i get some new glasses???? i want glasses for all my friends

12/10/2000 larry& dena http://
  hemp fest in oregon thought i would never find my way home.great eyes how much do they cost in bulk please reply

12/18/2000 G,Barak Humphrey http://
  Hey I got my first pair of MG's @ burningman would
love to give out a few pair at my newyears party who do i talk to and what do i do to make that happe

1/31/2001 Jamie
  I am in Amshterdaam! For Exshample!