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pattern cutters and sew-ers (August 9th 2001 @ 869 Hayes)

domebuilders and pattern cutters (July 30th 2001 @ 869 Hayes)

domebuilders and pattern cutters (July 28th 2001 @ Golden Gate Park)

more domebuilders (July 24th 2001 @ 869 Hayes)

domebuilders (July 21st 2001 @ 869 Hayes)

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friends of magicglasses

beach burn (september '01)

...long live the tunnel (August 2001)

the tunnel is dead... (July 31st 2001 @ 83 Albion)

yard sale (february '02)

magicglasses meets mr winkle (june '03)

solstice campout: ali's pictures (jun '03)

solstice campout: claudia's pictures (jun '03)