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there is so much to write... for now, if you'd like to know anything about magicglasses in general, magicglasses camp at burning man or anything else related to magicglasses, send the webmaster some email

how do i get my hands on some magicglasses?

if you are looking for a couple of pairs (e.g. for the party), drop the webmaster an email with your mailing address and we'll send them to you. don't worry about getting the wrong prescription as magicglasses are always right for everybody 8-)

if you are looking for larger numbers, get them where we get them - at Rainbow Symphony. if you talk to anybody there, ask for Kathy and tell her that Ali at sent you. won't get you a discount but it's good karma...

the people of magicglasses

magicglasses is no one person. read about some of the people in the magicglasses family

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